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Teleconsensus AI bot uses Hedera Consensus Service to create a verifiable timestamped logs of Telegram messages.

Join us on Telegram to learn more about teleconsensus AI bot and how the Hedera Consensus Service works.   

Hedera Consensus Service and Artificial Inteligence. 

Teleconsensus intends to do many things in the future in the areas of DLT and Artificial Intelligence and the Telegram bot @teleconsensus_bot is the first project.

Distributed Notary


Consensus Order

Telegram messages are put into consensus order and given a timestamp by the Hedera network, with cryptographic proofs, so they are as trustworthy as the full Hedera network.

Audit Log

Telegram messages are cryptographically tied together with a running hash to provide an auditable, tamper-proof log of Telegram message history

How does teleconsensus AI bot work? 

  1. Firstly the @teleconcensus_bot needs to be invited to a public Telegram group and made an admin of the group with read privileges. As soon as the bot is added to a group it will begin to record any message that is posted to the group or any edit to an existing message.

  2. @teleconcensus_bot will send a copy of these recorded messages to the software on a secure server (Teleconsensus AI).  

3.1 A copy of the message is sent to a private Telegram group No. 1 including the Telegram update ID.

3.2 At the same time the software is sending a hash of the message along with the update ID to Hedera HCS. Note that a Hash is not like sending the full message in clear text to Hedera. Hedera does not see the original message, just the hash that is produced by that message. 

  1. Once the Hedera Consensus Service puts a time stamp on the Hash of the message it comes back from Hedera along with the unique Telegram update ID.


  2. The Hash, the Telegram update ID, the Timestamp,  the sequence number, and the running-hash are posted as a return message in private telegram group number 2.


  3. A clear text message in private group No 1 can then be matched with the HCS output that is held in private group No 2.


  4. In order to prove validity of a message, a user needs to request the clear text message, match it with the output of HCS and check the message signature to convince himself that the message was originated by HH indeed and that it was seen at the stated Timestamp

Immutable Telegram Recorder

Teleconsensus provides an immutable record of your Telegram community messages. 

Keep verifiable timestamped logs of Telegram conversations with your customers. 


Telegram Group Reputation and Experience Leaders Boards.

Incentivise your Telegram group members with micropayments of  HBAR cryptocurrency. 

"What if anyone on Earth, at any moment, could just wave their hand and carve out a world of their own in cyberspace?"

Dr Leemon Baird, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Hedera Hashgraph.

With just a few clicks, teleconsensus AI bot allows you to create an audit log of Telegram messages as trustworthy as the Hedera Network.

Join us on Telegram to learn more about teleconsensus and Hedera Consensus Service.